Sinyutin Petr Alekseevich
Petr Alekseevich

General Director, Chairman of the Management Board

Gvozdev Dmitriy Borisovich
Dmitriy Borisovich

First Deputy General Director, Chief Engineer

Filin Aleksandr Valentinovich
Aleksandr Valentinovich

First Deputy General Director for Corporate Protection and Corruption Prevention

Myasnikov  Vladimir Yuryevich
Vladimir Yuryevich

First Deputy Director General for Financial and Economic Activities and Corporate Governance

Lebed Kirill Vladimirovich
Kirill Vladimirovich

Deputy General Director for Technological Connection and Service Development

Starostin Aleksey Sergeyevich
Aleksey Sergeyevich

Deputy General Director for Corporate Management and Property Relations

Ivanov Oleg Vladimirovich
Oleg Vladimirovich

Deputy General Director for Capital Construction

Rybin Boris Alexandrovich
Boris Alexandrovich

Deputy General Director for Staff Relations and Administrative Issues

Panin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich
Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Deputy General Director for Legal Affairs

Petukhov  Aleksey Vasilyevich
Aleksey Vasilyevich

Deputy Director General for the Transmission and Accounting of the Electric Power

Irzhak Aleksey Yurievich
Aleksey Yurievich

Acting Deputy General Director for the Implementation and Development of Energy Supply Services

Dusheina Lyudmila Vladimirovna
Lyudmila Vladimirovna

Head of External Communications

Vitinskiy Viktor Viktorovich
Viktor Viktorovich

Chief Accountant – Department Director

Kashtanov Aleksey Genadievich
Aleksey Genadievich

Director of digital transformation

Shelest Lilia Ivanovna
Lilia Ivanovna

Head of Staff

Kopyev Aleksey Evgenyevich
Aleksey Evgenyevich

Head of Internal Audit Department




Director general

In 1984 Mr. Sinyutin graduated from Chelyabinsk Polytechnical Institute and acquired the qualification of a power engineer. His second university degree in economics he received after graduation from the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration in 1998.

Mr. Sinyutin started career in his area of expertise in a higher education institution in the Republic of Kazakhstan and in 1992-1998 he held managerial positions in electrical engineering enterprises and JSC “Chelyabenergo”.

Since 1998 Mr. Sinyutin held managerial positions in a number of large energy sector companies in Moscow, including JSC Mosenergo, JSC “Contracts and Payments Center of the Federal Wholesale Electric Power (Capacity) Market”, CJSC “Energy Sales Support Center”, etc.

In 2007 Mr. Sinyutin started working for JSC “Mosenergosbyt” taking the position of the First Deputy General Director and from August 2008 to April 2010 he headed up the company as the General Director. Then, for over two years (until July 2012) he served as the Managing Director, First Deputy General Director.

In July 2012 he headed up JSC “MOESK” serving as an acting General Director until February 2013, then his appointment was confirmed.

P.A. Sinyutin is a Doctor of Economics and Candidate of Sciences in engineering (Russian academic degree).

Mr. Sinyutin was awarded a first-class badge of honor “For contribution to development of the electric grid facilities complex”, honorary title “Honoured Power Engineer of Moscow”, a certificate of commendation by JSC “United Power Supply Company” and badge of honor by the Governor of the Moscow Region.

Awarded the I degree honorary badge "For a contribution to the development of the power grid complex", the title "Honorary Power Engineer of Moscow", the title "Honorary Power Engineer" (2018), the badge of “Gratitude” from the Governor of the Moscow Region, the badge of distinction "For Services to Moscow" 2021)

He was marked with a commemorative breastplate "The 15th Anniversary of the System Operator of the Unified Energy System" (2017), the sign of St. Sergius of Radonezh (2017), the commemorative breastplate "For the reliable operation of Olympic power objects" (2014), the breastplate of the Ministry of Emergency Measures "For Merit" (2014).

Petr Alekseevich was awarded the diplomas of the Moscow Mayor (2017), the Moscow Government (2017), OJSC "UEC", the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation (2016, 2017), the diploma of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia for the City of Moscow (2012).

Petr Alekseevich was acknowledged with thanks of the main department of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia for the city of Moscow (2015, 2016), the Department of Fuel and Energy Economy of Moscow (2015), the Mayor of Moscow (2013).

He has a medal from the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia for the Commonwealth for Salvation (2017), the medal named after Yakov Bruce of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (2014), the commemorative medal of the XXII Olympic Games and the XI Paralympic Winter Games (2014) from EMERCOM of Russia "Marshal Vasily Chuikov" (2013).

Scope of functions of JSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» General Director

The scope of functions of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» General Director covers all the issues of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» present activity, except for the issues pertained to the scope of functions of the General Meeting of shareholders and PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» Management Board.

PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» General Director acts without the letter of attorney on behalf of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» including the restrictions determined by the present legislation, current Articles and decisions of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» Board of Directors:

  1. Supports PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» planes implementation necessary for tasks solving;
  2. develops and presents to the approval of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region»” Management Board key indices of key performance indicators (KPI) for subdivisions (officials) of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» and is responsible for their implementation;
  3. organizes the carrying out of the financial and accounting report in the Company;
  4. manages PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» property, carries out the transactions on behalf of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region», gives out the warranties, opens bank and other accounts of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» in banks and other credit organizations (and also in cases stipulated by the law – in organizations – professional participants of the securities market);
  5. issues orders, approves (adopts) guidelines, local normative acts and other internal documents of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» concerning the issues covered by the scope of his/her functions, gives orders obligatory for implementation by all the PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» employees;
  6. approves PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» organizational structure, staff schedule and position salary of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» employees;
  7. approves the Regulation on branches and representative offices of  PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region»;
  8. as an employer implements his/her rights and obligations stipulated by the labor agreement in relation to PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» employees;
  9. carries out the functions of the Chairman of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» Management Board;
  10. distributes the obligations among the assistants of the General Director;
  11. presents the reports on financial and industrial activity of subsidiary and dependent companies for the consideration of the Board of Directors, which stakes (shares) belong to the Company together with information on other organizations the Company participates in;
  12. not later than 45 (forty five) days prior the date of the General meeting of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» shareholders carrying out presents to the consideration of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» Board of Directors the annual report, accounting balance, profits and losses report of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region», and distribution of profits and losses report of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region»;
  13. settles issues of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» present activity except for the issues pertaining to the scope of functions of the General meeting of shareholders, Board of Directors and Management Board of PJSC «Rosseti Moscow Region».