Competence of the Reliability Committee

Preliminary consideration, analysis and developing of recommendations (conclusions) regarding the following issues of the Board of Directors of JSC “MOESK” on the priority directions of activity refer to the competence of the Reliability Committee:
  1. Analysis of production activity in respect to the assessment of:
    • readiness assessment of the Company for autumn-winter period; 
    • labor protection system organization; 
    • organization of production safety management system; 
    • level of power facilities operation maintenance; 
    • organization of operating and dispatching servicing; 
    • execution of the orders of controlling and inspecting organizations; 
    • state of agreement (economic) reliability management mechanisms.
  2. Assessment of technical st& ate, operation level and repair of power facilities, in respect to:
    • execution of plans for the Company’s power facilities repair; 
    • arrangements execution on increase of the Company’s power facilities operation level.
  3. Planning and analysis of the activity for the Company’s power facilities renovation.
  4. Activity assessment of the Company’s technical services and their heads.
  5. Preliminary consideration of proposals for the reorganization of the Company's management (change in the number of management levels, the creation / elimination / rearrangement of production departments, the areas of electrical networks).
  6. Other issues, tied with the above-mentioned, (except for those which refer to the competences of other Committees of the Company’s Board of Directors).