On the 18th of September a solemn opening of one more charging station for e-vehicles took place. A fuel filling station in the 26th kilometer of Moscow Ring Road became a place of its installation.

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The station became the 44th station in Moscow Region and went into the united net, the beginning of formation of which was laid by the project of Moscow United Electric Grid Company on the charging infrastructure creation for the electric transport of “MOESK-EV”.

19 251.jpgThe installed station is referred to the category “express” and for 20 minutes is capable of making 80-percent charge of any e-vehicle. The given regime is mostly attractive for the installation at usual filling stations, when the drivers need a short period of time to charge their e-vehicles’ batteries. One will have to pay RUR 200 for 20 minutes of the quick electro-filling; thereby an e-vehicle will get a reserve of energy, sufficient for 100-110 km of run-on operation.

The placement of a charging station in the territory of the fuel filling station, which is operated by company “EKA”, proves a support by the business community of an initiative of MOESK on creation of a charging infrastructure for the electric transport. While estimating the trend of the world motor-car construction development, the business strives to find its place in a perspective and attractive market of the electric transport facilities.

Head of the project on the electrical transport “MOESK-EV” Denis Tsypulev believes, that those people who show alertness and respond far-sightedly to the ecological standards stiffening of the cars operation and introduction of the innovative services in the field of mobility, will without doubt stand to gain.

19 250.jpgThe program which is realized by “EKA” and company “Revol’ta” – the main partner of Moscow power engineers in the project realization “МОЭСК-EV”, stipulates an installation in the nearest future of four stations more of the same type on fuel filling stations, which will make it possible to attract additionally the owners of e-vehicles to the FFS.

It’s symbolic, that the ceremony of the charging station opening was completed by planting of young seedlings, which emphasizes the ecological cleanness of the electric transport and a wish of its supporters to the active activity as to the ecological situation improvement in the capital megacity.