Today the certificate of readiness for the 2020/2021 OZP was presented to Peter Sinyutin, the Head of "Rosseti Moscow Region" after the meeting with Pavel Livinsky, the General Director of "Rosseti".

The order of the Russian Ministry of Energy confirmed the full readiness of "Rosseti" Group of Companies for the 2020/2021 heating season in all 80 regions of presence.

"Rosseti Moscow Region" confirmed its readiness to work, having received the maximum possible coefficient - 1. All stages of the repair program were performed ahead of schedule. The rate was not reduced even during the period of quarantine measures related to the resistance to coronavirus infection.

2,374.4 km of power transmission lines of all voltage classes, 196 transformers of 35-220 kV and 2,753 switching devices of 6-220 kV were repaired. 899 km of uninsulated wire was replaced with self-supporting insulated wire (SIP).

The focus was on the following:

✔ repair of power transmission lines;
✔ repair of substation equipment and distribution networks;
✔ replacement of uninsulated wire with modern self-supporting insulated wire (SIP) in populated areas.

100% stock of equipment is formed. The reserve includes 409 mobile power sources with a capacity of 37.9 MW. To eliminate emergency situations, 2,291 people, 3,626 cars and special equipment were ready, and 443 emergency response and restoration teams were formed.

"The company always strives to follow the highest standards of reliability of power supply to consumers in Moscow and the Moscow region. All maintenance and repair works were performed in 100% volume and in time, which allowed the company to approach the winter peak of loads with the maximum readiness factor," - said Petr Sinyutin.