Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Andrey Ryumin, CEO of PJSC Rosseti, have visited the Morozov Children's Hospital, where the overhaul of the transfusiological building has been completed. The project was implemented jointly by Moscow Health Department and the Rosseti Group.

"Today, here in Morozov Children's Hospital, in the main children's hospital of our city, a new building has opened, which will house the transfusiology center. This is the only specialized center for children's blood in our country, which ensures an increase in donor blood — its turnover and preparation, covering almost all the needs of our city at double rate and bringing this service to a new qualitative level, introducing new technologies and engaging experts in scientific research," Sobyanin said.

Sergey Sobyanin expressed his gratitude to the management of PJSC Rosseti. The historical building was renovated at the expense of the holding's subsidiary. "We are always cautious when reconstructing such hospital buildings, because they are poorly adapted for modern medicine, thus there are entirely different conditions for rebuilding them at a high‑quality level," Sobyanin added.

The two-storey building with a total area of 2.3 thousand square meters attained a rebuilt roof, new hardened floor slabs, and replaced door and window units.

The overhaul was conducted based on the architectural features of the building created in 1902 by the project of Illarion Ivanov-Shitz, the artisan of Russian Art Nouveau. The forged elements of the staircase were preserved, and the original facade design was restored.

"Despite the advanced age of the building, the task was to make it technology-savvy and comfortable. All engineering systems were updated, effective ventilation was installed with additional fine air filters in the treatment rooms. More than 17 thousand linear meters of cables were laid, and a backup power source was installed for reliable power supply of the center's premises, including unique laboratory facilities. The collaboratory of the Rosseti Group with the Moscow Health Department facilitated the implementation of the unique project based on the Morozov Hospital, the largest children's hospital in Moscow," Andrey Ryumin said.

The City Center for Children's Transfusiology was established based on specialized unit of the Morozov Children's Hospital in 2021. Its main task is the production of blood components of world-class quality for treatment of patients with severe hematological, cancerous, cardiac, neonatal and other diseases.

The most modern methods will be used for the production of blood and blood components, ensuring a high level of immunological and infectious safety. The center has laboratory facilities which specialists will be able to conduct more than 20 types of tests. The blood components will be stored deep-freezing in a modern freezer and cryogenic storage.

The reconstruction of Building No. 9, where the City Center for Children's Transfusiology will be located, was provided at the expense of PJSC Rosseti Moscow Region, a subsidiary of PJSC Rosseti.