Уважаемые потребители! В данный момент на всех «умных» приборах учета установлен лимит потребляемой мощности, соответствующий той, которая указана в договоре на техприсоединение. Особенно часто превышение разрешенной техническими условиями мощности происходит в период низких температур, когда активно используются электроприборы обогрева. Обращаем Ваше внимание: если у Вас установлен «умный» счетчик и Вы превысили разрешенную техническими условиями мощность, «умный» прибор учета автоматически отключит подачу электроэнергии. В этом случае Вам необходимо снизить нагрузку, отключить часть электроприборов, и через 15 минут подача электроэнергии возобновится.

Dividend history

Date on which the amount
of dividends was approved
Period for which
dividends were paid
Accrued dividends, total Number of shares Dividend per share For reference
Net profit, total Dividend share
in Net profit
year ths RUR pcs. RUR ths RUR %
31.12.2019 9 months 2019 2 063 719 48, 707, 091, 574 0.04237 5 779 807 35.70
14.06.2019 2018 2, 873, 718 48, 707, 091, 574 0.059 4, 042, 714 71.08
07.06.2018 2017 1, 54,0 605 48, 707, 091, 574 0.03163 2, 670, 693 57.69
08.06.2017 2016 1, 519, 905 48, 707, 091, 574 0.031205 6, 079, 465 25
06.06.2016 2015 6, 317, 310 48, 707, 091, 574 0.1297 9, 246, 545 68.32
24.06.2015 2014 2, 055, 439 48, 707, 091, 574 0.0422 8, 208, 385 25.00
24.06.2014 2013 2, 910, 249 48, 707, 091, 574 0.05975 11, 640, 837 25.00
26.06.2013 2012 4, 296, 014 48, 707, 091, 574 0.088201 17, 183, 981 25.00
25.06.2012 2011 1, 217, 677 48, 707, 091, 574 0.025 17, 052, 970 7.14
20.06.2011 2010 1, 200, 000 48, 707, 091, 574 0.0246371 15, 621, 525 7.68
30.06.2010 2009 450, 000 48, 707, 091, 574 0.0092389 6, 318, 508 7.12
15.06.2007 2006 60, 000 28, 249, 359, 700 0.00212394 3, 735, 595 1.61
26.06.2006 2005 50, 001 28, 249, 359, 700 0.00177 1, 293, 798 3.86

* At the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting which took place on May 28th, 2008 a decision is taken not to pay out dividends by results of 2007 because according to item 1 of article 43 of Federal Law “On joint-stock companies” No. 208-FL dd.26.12.1995 JSC “MOESK” doesn’t have a right to take a decision on dividends payout on shares before a buyback of all the shares which must be bought back at shareholders’ demand who voted against or who didn’t take part in the Extraordinary Shareholders’ Meeting (April 18th, 2008), at which a decision was taken on the reorganization of JSC “MOESK” by way of connection to it of JSC “Moscow City Electric Grid Company”.

** All the Net profit of the Company by the work results for 2008 is formed due to revenues from technological connection of consumers to the electric grids. Under the tariff regulation of services on technological connection all the revenue from the given activity type must be directed for investment expenses, dividend payouts are not stipulated by the tariff. So, taking into account the peculiarities of the financial result formation, all the Net profit received is an increase of volume and cost of the fixed assets and isn’t expressed in cash-equivalent item. Consequently the dividends payout was possible only on account of loan funds. It was extremely unreasonable in terms of the global financial crisis.

On provision of the documents confirming the preferential tax treatment

On provision of the documents confirming the preferential tax treatment in respect of shares of JSC "MOESK" for payment of dividends for the year 2012

Dear Shareholders of JSC «Rosseti Moscow Region»!

This is to notify you that the agenda of the annual General Shareholders’ Meeting of JSC «Rosseti Moscow Region» includes the issue "On approval of the annual report, annual accounting statements, as well as distribution of income (including payment of dividends) and losses of JSC "Moscow United Electric Grid Company" following the results of the financial year 2012.

In accordance with the current laws of the Russian Federation, issuing entities as sources of income payment in the form of dividends on the shares owned by the shareholders are obliged to withhold income taxes in respect of dividends payment to shareholders.

The list of the persons is drawn up according to the register of shareholders at 08.05.2013.

If you have tax benefits, you should provide the documents to the issuer (tax agent) proving the existence of such benefits:

For shareholders - legal entities and clients – nominal holders (residents):

  1. For the accounts opened by Management Companies of unit investment funds, the following documents should be provided to the issuer (tax agent) for recording registered securities of the issuer included in the assets of unit investment funds:

    • copy of FFMS license;
    • certificate of asset value;
    • report on owners of shares of the joint-stock investment fund and investment units (UIF) (approved by Resolution #03-41/ps of the Federal Securities Commission dd. 22.10.2003).
    • management company of UIF must confirm through documents that the shares of the organization in question - the issuer, were acquired for the unit investment fund. Marks “T” (trustee”) and specification of UIF in shares sale and purchase agreements can serve as evidence to this (paragraph 4 of Section 11 of Federal Law #156-FZ).
  2. For the accounts opened by Management Companies of Trustees with pension savings to finance the funded part of the pension of NPF, the following documents should be provided to the issuer (tax agent):
    • copy of the FFMS license;
    • calculation of the market value of the assets with invested money of the pension savings;
  3. For the accounts opened by Management Companies of Trustees with pension savings of the RF Pension Fund, the following documents should be provided to the issuer (tax agent):
    • copy of the FFMS license;
    • calculation of the market value of the assets with invested money of the pension savings;
    • copy of the pension savings trust agreement;
    • copy of the agreement on provision by the specialized depository of the services of the management company which was chosen based on the competition results and which carry out trust management of pension savings;
    • excerpt from the custodial account.
  4. For the organizations that have switched to the simplified taxation system, they must provide the following documents to the issuer (tax agent):
    • notarized copy of the Notice of the Possibility of Applying the Simplified Taxation System;
    • copy of the tax return for the unified tax paid in connection with application of the STS with the tax authority mark for the last tax (reporting) period sealed by the organization;
    • letter to JSC "MOESK" on the letterhead of the organization applying the STS, with the signature of the authorized person to confirm that the organization uses STS in the current tax (reporting) period and expects to use it till the end of the current tax period.

For shareholders - legal entities and clients – nominal holders (non-residents)

For foreign organizations, non-resident, the following documents should be provided to the issuer (tax agent):

  • confirmation to the effect that the foreign company has a permanent location in the state, with which Russia has an international treaty (agreement) regulating taxation issues. The said confirmation must be certified by a competent authority of the foreign state in terms of the respective agreement. If this confirmation is in the foreign language, the tax agent is also provided with the translation into Russian.

These documents are considered as confirming the constant location of the foreign organization if they contain the following or similar statement: "It is confirmed that the organization ... (name of the organization) ... is (was) ... a resident with constant location in ... (the state is indicated) ... during ... (specified period) in the sense implied in the Agreement (name of the international treaty) between Russia / USSR and (the foreign country is specified)."

Please note that in order to get the lowest possible income tax rate, certificate for the year 2012 should be provided, as well as a copy of the securities sale and purchase agreement evidencing the direct investment of more than USD 100,000, report on the execution of the transaction of securities crediting (an extract from the custodial account).

Since constant location in foreign countries is based on various criteria, compliance with which is established at the time of applying for the necessary document, the issued document should specify a period (calendar year) in respect of which the constant location is confirmed. In this case, the period should correspond to the period for which the income paid to the foreign organization is due (the year 2012).

  • if international treaties (agreements) contain special provisions affecting the procedure for income taxation in the form of dividends, the documents should be provided additionally which confirm compliance of the foreign organization with the additional criteria.

    Such specifications may be contained in the certificate of residency, certificates issued by the competent authorities of the foreign state or certificate issued by the auditors of the specified companies.

    In accordance with part 2 Section 214 of the Tax Code, no tax reliefs on dividends payment are stipulated for individuals.

    Please note that the said additional information should be provided in respect of the owners of shares, the information on whom was disclosed at 08.05.2013 (the date of drawing up the list of persons).

    Please provide the documents to the issuer as soon as possible with a cover letter signed by an authorized person of the bailor and certified by the seal.

    If these documents are not provided in a timely manner to the issuer (tax agent), the issuer will not have grounds to avoid withholding income tax on dividends. In this case, taxation will be performed in accordance with the generally accepted procedure.

    When information about application of tax benefits in respect of the shareholder is received by the Company after payment of the dividend to it, the taxes paid in excess will not be compensated by the Company.