Since July 1, 2020, since the entry into force of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation № 262 of 10.03.2020 and the simplification of procedures for technological connection (TP) to power grids with capacity up to 150 kW for small and medium businesses and individuals, the number of applications for TP in the PJSC "Rosseti Moscow Region" has increased by 2 times. 95% of applicants noted the simplicity of filing an application and acceleration of the connection process.

This was stated by Alice Manaka, Director of the Department for control over the activities of branches on the technological connection of "Rosseti Moscow Region" during an online seminar held by power engineers together with the Business protection headquarters of Moscow and dedicated to the discussion of recent changes in Russian legislation in the field of simplification of technological connection procedures.

"From July 1 this year, there was a complete refusal from the paper document flow, resulting in the total period of technological connection for entrepreneurs from the moment of application filing until the completion of all works to 25 days. The applicant no longer needs to sign documents during the technological connection process. Application for TP is submitted exclusively online through the "Personal account", where the implementation of all necessary procedures through electronic documents is being recorded. The documents are sent to the applicant within 2 days from the moment of application. Confirmation of the applicant's consent to the fundamental terms of the contract and the basis for starting work is the payment of the invoice for the TP service within 5 days. You can also pay the invoice online on the TP Portal(www.utp.rossetimr.ru) on the company's website," said Alice Manaka.

According to her, today the electric grid company installs the connection point with its own resources and at its own expense: from the installation of the metering panel to the installation of the metering device. The entrepreneur only has to follow the instructions sent to the "Personal account" as part of the package of documents to connect internal networks to the point of connection.

The power grid company has also undertaken the procedures of interaction with the electric sales company, independently sending the necessary documents to the sales organization specified by the applicant when submitting the application to create a personal account.

It was also noted that the minimum cost of technological connection is calculated for SMEs when executing contracts since 2014. In addition, entrepreneurs now have the opportunity to choose an individual payment schedule with installments for up to 3 years, which is in demand among startups.

"If the applicant does not have the technical ability to create an electronic application at home or at work, we have provided the possibility to submit and create a personal account in customer service centers, where the applicant will be able with the help of a consultant to create his "Personal account" on the Portal of technological connection and apply online. As of today, all customer service centers are equipped in accordance with the requirements established by the authorities due to the pandemic. Therefore, we do not plan to close them yet," said Alice Manaka.