"Rosseti Moscow Region" is constantly working to improve the reliability and quality of power supply to consumers, looking for new technologies and developments that can reduce to zero the number of cases of power supply disruptions to consumers. At the moment, power engineers have started to install innovative electrical equipment - polymer insulators with supporting roller clamp and special traverses on overhead power lines of 10 kV in Prefecture of Troitsky and Novomoskovsky Administrative Districts (TiNAO). This technology gives the air lines a self-recovery function.

The main purpose of the conducted tests is to prevent technological disturbances that occur as a result of power line wire breaks due to falling trees.

The importance of testing in the prism of improving the reliability and quality of power supply to consumers was noted by Petr Biryukov, Deputy Mayor of Moscow in the Moscow Government.

The first seven innovative sets of self-recovery lines (SVL) of the energy of the "New Moscow" Branch were installed on the overhead line passing through the forest in the territory of Novofedorovskoye settlement in Troitsky administrative district. Unique technical features of the new equipment make it possible to distribute and stretch the wire in the spans when a tall tree falls from the depths of the forest. Due to the load distribution, the breakage of the self-supporting insulated wire and the fall (breakage) of the overhead line supports are excluded, and the electricity continues to flow into the consumer's homes.

Tests have already been carried out under real conditions: a dry tree specially cut down by power engineers when it fell on a wire did not cause damage to the line and disconnection of consumers.

"A squally wind accompanied by thunderstorms or snow drifts has been a frequent weather phenomenon in the Moscow region in recent years. To minimize the cases of power supply disruptions to consumers due to wire breaks caused by falling trees from the depths of the forest, we have taken new equipment into pilot operation," - said Dmitry Gvozdev, First Deputy General Director and Chief Engineer of the "Rosseti Moscow Region".

New sets of self-repairing lines were manufactured by the largest CIP armature production company in the Moscow Region. Based on the results of the pilot operation, a decision will be made on the further mass application of new SVL sets.