On December 0, in the framework of summing up the work of the power grid complex of the Moscow region this year, Evgeny Khromushin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region, visited the Krasnogorsky District of Electric Networks (RES) of the Northern Electric Networks branch of the "Rosseti Moscow Region" company.

Accompanied by Peter Sinyutin, Director General of PJSC "Rosseti Moscow Region", and journalists, Evgeny Akimovich inspected the Joint Dispatch Group (ODG) of the control panel of one of the key RES in the Moscow region with a service area of 223 km2, which is home to more than 240 thousand people. It is in the ODG that information about incidents on the company's networks is collected, a clear scheme for responding to consumer requests is built, and interaction with the regional Management Center of the region is established.

During the reports, the management of "Rosseti Moscow Region" said that 2021 will be declared the "Year of the Customer" in the company. "In this regard, from January 1, scheduled and unplanned work on the power grid equipment will be carried out without long interruptions in the power supply to consumers. The company has already developed and is putting into active practice several technical solutions that allow reducing the time of power outages of consumers for the period of both restoration and planned works", said Peter Sinyutin.

These include the use of mobile electrical installations of reverse transformation. One such installation is able to replace 5 diesel mobile power plants and allows you to temporarily power several transformer substations at once, and these are consumers who will not have power outages. Also, next year, power engineers plan to introduce work without removing voltage on overhead lines of 0.4-10 kV into production activities. This technology will minimize, and in some cases completely avoid the need to disconnect consumers for the period of repair work.

Separately, the first Deputy Director General -Chief Engineer of the company Dmitry Gvozdev focused on the preliminary results of the implementation of the project "Digital electrician", implemented in the "Rosseti Moscow region" as part of a comprehensive program of digitalization. To date, the project involves all 1,400 mobile teams, 7,825 people (of which 721 teams in the Moscow region, 4,040 production personnel). Teams are equipped with mobile devices (tablets) with special software installed. The transition to a completely paperless document flow has been implemented. Every week, more than 550 orders and more than 1,000 instructions are issued electronically. The combination of technologies implemented within the framework of this project allowed to reduce the loss of working time – by reducing the average time of registration of one defect from 12 to 6 minutes, 5,100 hours of staff working time were released for maintenance, repair, and ensuring reliable operation of the power grid complex. The efficiency of restoring power supply to consumers in the event of technological violations has been increased by 15 %, and the reliability of power supply has been improved.

"The energy complex of the Moscow region is the second in Russia in terms of the branched infrastructure and the number of subscribers. Over the past year, despite the pandemic, the number of complaints about the quality of electricity supply has decreased by 15%, - said Evgeny Khromushin during a press conference. To achieve such indicators, including rapid response and consolidation of incoming information into the Regional Management Center of the Moscow region, Rosseti services were introduced, which significantly reduced the response time to residents' requests, provided automatic data processing and timely informing of residents. On behalf of both the Governor and the Government of the Moscow Region, I would like to thank the power engineers of the region for their good work and wish them uninterrupted work during the New Year and Christmas holidays."

Among other things, the journalists were interested in the preliminary results of the simplified consolidation of the power grid assets of gardeners' non-commercial partnerships (SNT) and cottage settlements. Power engineers stated that the rate of transfer of power grid facilities of horticultural associations to the "Rosseti Moscow Region" balance sheet has increased more than 5 times since the introduction of the simplified scheme. As of today, 6,184 gardeners' non-commercial partnerships (SNT) in the Moscow region have technological connections to the "Rosseti Moscow Region" power grid. At the moment, 2,564 of them have been consolidated. It is planned that by the end of 2021, at least 1,000 more gardeners' non-commercial partnerships (SNT) will transfer their networks to the company's balance sheet.