The project office for the development of sales of energy supply services of PJSC "Rosseti Moscow Region" has started selling equipment for the creation of a "Smart Home". Now, this service is available to all customers of the company in Moscow and the Moscow region. The equipment offered by the company allows you to remotely control the lighting and power supply: automatically turn on and off the light, create different lighting scenarios, turn off the sockets, the "turn off all" mode is available. In addition, users will be able to manage batteries, air conditioners, underfloor heating, extractor hood, and security systems.

Power engineers have also provided for possible emergency situations when electricity is temporarily unavailable to consumers. For this purpose, various variants of electric power storage devices were selected.

At the moment, the training of the company's employees has been completed, who will be able to advise consumers on obtaining a new service.

"A modern house or apartment requires automation, so the equipment for creating a "Smart Home" has become a necessary component of a safe and comfortable life. With your phone or tablet, you can remotely control the power supply, climate, and security systems at home. Timely alerts about leaks and malfunctions in engineering networks allow you to avoid expensive repairs. Another advantage of using "Smart Home" equipment is saving on utility bills", Stanislav Suprunov, Head of the Project Office for the Development of Sales of Energy Supply Services, commented on the launch of sales of the new service.