On December 22, the Day of the Power Engineer, the grand opening of the 110 kV "Ramenskaya" power supply center took place after the completion of the first, key stage of reconstruction.

Alexander Samarin, Minister of Energy of the Moscow Region, and Peter Sinyutin, Director General of "Rosseti Moscow Region", launched a new stage of operation of the 110 kV "Ramenskaya" substation. After a joint push of the symbolic button and the corresponding routine actions of the dispatching staff of the Network Management Center located in the city of Podolsk, the new equipment of the substation was put into operation.

The "Ramenskaya" substation was built in a difficult year for the country in 1942 for the power supply of the Ramenskoye Instrument-Making Plant, which produced devices for the defense industry during the war years. In 1984, both 20 MVA transformers were replaced with 25 MVA. The installed capacity of the substation to date is 50 MVA.

As a result of the first stage of reconstruction, the reliability of the power supply to Ramenskoye consumers was increased due to a twofold increase - from 2 to 4 in the high-voltage lines feeding the substation.

At the high-voltage substation, new gas-insulated switchgear of the container type of high factory readiness was put into operation, which made it possible to reduce the area of the building three times, and eight times its volume, as well as significantly reduce the time of installation work - up to 1.5 months.

The reconstruction of the substation was carried out using digital technologies. An automated system for remote control of electrical equipment, microprocessor-based relay protection and automation systems are installed on the power supply center, which make it possible to increase the observability and controllability of the power facility.

At the second and third stages of modernization – until 2023, it is planned to install two power transformers with a capacity of 40 MVA each, enter a new building of a 6 kV switchgear designed to connect 28 linear cells with vacuum switches, as well as continue work on a digital information transmission system between the supply centers of the south of the Moscow region.

According to the head of the company "Rosseti Moscow Region" Peter Sinyutin, work on the reconstruction of the feeding center did not stop for a minute, was carried out in accordance with the plan, even during the period of strict restrictive measures related to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus infection. This made it possible to meet all the deadlines for the reconstruction of the facility, to ensure a stable scheme of high-quality energy supply to existing consumers in Ramenskoye, which is home to more than 62 thousand residents, there are more than 70 socially significant facilities and enterprises, to create a reserve of capacity for the further development of the Ramenskoye urban district.

The event, held at the power center in Ramenskoye, was timed to coincide with a professional holiday - the Day of the Power Engineer, which is celebrated on the shortest day of the year. The Minister of Energy of the Moscow region, Alexander Samarin, awarded the most distinguished employees of the branches of PJSC "Rosseti Moscow Region" in the Moscow region and expressed gratitude to the company's power engineers for their dedicated work in difficult epidemiological conditions. He also wished the company's specialists good health and success in their work for the prosperity of the Moscow region.