In 2021 Rosseti Moscow Region absorbed the electric grid property items of more than one thousand gardening non-profit partnerships (GNP) and townhouse villages (TV) near Moscow. In total, over 1.9 thousand km of power transmission lines, 627 transformer substations with a transformer capacity of 116 MVA passed under the management of the company last year.

Gardeners of the Moscow region are increasingly aware of the benefits and efficiency of transferring electric grid property into the hands of experts, since after the transfer they no longer need to worry about maintenance and repair, as these issues are handled by professionals. In addition, Rosseti Moscow Region undertakes obligations for performing emergency recovery work in relation to the electric grid property immediately after signing the contract (before signing the acceptance and transfer certificate).

A responsible attitude of the company's employees to the consolidation process is confirmed by letters of thanks that come from the GNP chairmen of the Moscow Region, who have already passed their facilities to the company's management.

The simplified scheme of consolidation of the electric grid property of the GNP and TV has been operating in the region since 2019. During this time, 3.7 thousand electric grid assets have been transferred to the company's management. GNP and TV.

This year, the simplified consolidation program for GNP and TV will be continued with some changes and additions.

At present, electric grid facilities that have technological connection to the Rosseti Moscow Region networks or to the networks of proprietors that do not have the status of a territorial network organization are subject to consolidation (provided that they are indirectly connected to the company's networks, and that Rosseti Moscow Region is the closest territorial network organization to the networks of such an applicant), or to the networks of the generating company. GNP and TV facilities that have indirect connection to the Rosseti Moscow Region networks through the networks of other territorial network organizations are no longer subject to consolidation.

Learn more about the list of necessary documents for the transfer of networks to PJSC Rosseti Moscow Region on the website in the "For Clients" section or by calling the number of the Unified Contact Center 8 (800) 220-0-220. You can submit an application form and send a package of documents through the "Personal Account" on the company's website.