In the first six months of 2022, "Rosseti Moscow Region" specialists connected more than 43,000 customers in Moscow and the Moscow Region to the company's power grids, including 39,223 consumers in the Moscow Region and 3,811 consumers in the capital. For comparison, this is almost one and a half times more than in the same period last year.

1048 MW of electric power were provided to customers, of which about 772 MW were provided under technological connection contracts in the Moscow region, and 276 MW were provided in Moscow. Almost half of the total capacity (540 MW) is provided to consumers who have applied for up to 15 kW. The number of such applicants for the first half of 2022 exceeded 40.7 thousand (38,087 of them are in the Moscow region, and 2,674 – in the capital).

The facilities that have received the company's power include the new maternity hospital in Kommunarka, the electric bus park "Krasnaya Pakhra", the International Sambo Center and Boxing Center in Luzhniki, the Hermitage garden, residential complexes in New Moscow, the renovation program facilities, boiler houses in Zaraisk and Serebryanye Prudy, asphalt plant in Lotoshino, stores, pharmacies and others.

The information about the terms and rules of technological connection to the company's grid, power augmentation and additional services can be found on the portal utp.rossetimr.ru, in customer service centers, as well as by calling "Light Line" 8 (800) 220-0-220 (toll free).