Today, the Minister of Energy of the Moscow region Alexander Samarin paid a working visit to the 110 kV "Zvenigorod" substation (PS) of the company "Rosseti Moscow Region".

"In the near future, the substation is expected to undergo the most extensive reconstruction in recent decades. The power supply center "Zvenigorod" was put into operation in 1967 and requires modernization, as it is strategically important in the scheme of power supply to consumers of the Odintsovo city district. More than 22 thousand residents and 118 socially significant objects receive electricity from the "Zvenigorod" PS. The equipment of the substation is in working condition, but additional capacity is needed in modern realities to connect new subscribers. Thus, the reconstruction of the substation will improve the quality and reliability of power supply to the Odintsovo city district", said Alexander Samarin, Minister of Energy of the Moscow region.

The availability of the capacity reserve will have a positive impact on the development and economic strengthening of the entire Odintsovo city district. A new voltage class – 10 kV will also be introduced.

"The modernization will result in a twofold increase in the installed transformer capacity of the supply center. Already, the project solution provides a reserve of 70 MVA, which will open up opportunities for technological connection of new consumers. Including for representatives of large businesses who can already safely plan investment projects and submit applications for connection to the company's power grids", said Peter Sinyutin, Director General of "Rosseti Moscow Region".

The modernization involves a complete renovation of the electrical equipment of the substation: installation of a new open 110 kV switchgear with the installation of nine modern and environmentally friendly gas switches, a new complete 35 kV switchgear with the use of 8 vacuum switches, a new building of the general substation control center was built. Modern highly automated technologies will be implemented at the substation, which will allow remote monitoring and control of the power facility. Thus, the reliability and quality of power supply to consumers of the entire Odintsovo city district and Zvenigorod, in particular, will significantly increase. By the way, all the equipment will be of domestic production.

The company plans to invest about 2 billion rubles in the reconstruction of the facility and strengthening of the power supply scheme on the 110 kV network.

Also during the working visit, Peter Sinyutin reported to the Minister on the results of "Rosseti Moscow Region's" autumn-winter period of 2020/21 in the Moscow region. Despite the fact that last winter was the coldest in the last 10 years, and the volume of energy consumption exceeded the historical maximum and amounted to 18,390 MW, the power engineers of "Rosseti Moscow Region" did not allow a single mass disruption of electricity supply to consumers in the Moscow region, the total number of violations in the 110 kV network and above was reduced by 12% by the end of 2020.

To further improve the quality and reliability of electricity supply to consumers in the Moscow region, it was decided to increase the amount of funding for the repair program for 2021 by 9.2% compared to 2020, which amounted to 3.8 billion rubles.

In addition, as part of the "Year of the Customer" announced by "Rosseti Moscow Region", power engineers are actively implementing a new type of work on overhead lines of 0.4-10 kV - without voltage relief. This approach allows you to carry out an impressive list of planned and urgent repairs without de-energizing consumers. From now on, only short-term interruptions in power supply are allowed - for the period of switching consumers to backup schemes.