"Rosseti Moscow Region" took part in the XIII International Salon of Security Equipment "Integrated Security – 2021", which was held from May 12 to 15 in Kubinka, near Moscow, on the territory of the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center.

At the stand, the specialists of "Rosseti Moscow Region" presented six units of unique special equipment that ensures efficient repair and construction work at the company's facilities.

Guests of the "Rosseti Moscow Region" Energy Salon were presented with:

- brigade vehicle of the field service team, which is designed for round-the-clock transportation of the team, materials, tools and equipment for the production of work

- a three-phase, mobile electrical laboratory, which is designed for diagnostics, testing and determining the route of the cable line, places of damage in the CL

- a mobile power plant on the KAMAZ chassis, which is intended for use as the main, backup or auxiliary source of electricity during production operations at the company's facilities

– a drilling and crane machine that combines the functionality of three pieces of equipment: a lift truck, a crane manipulator, a drilling rig and a drop-side truck

- mobile situational and analytical center based on KAMAZ, equipped with communication facilities that fully provide information exchange between the mobile situation analytical center (MSAC) and management bodies

- an excavator-planner based on KAMAZ, which is designed for the production of a different range of earthmoving operations in urban, rural, industrial, transport and reclamation construction, as well as the repair of underground utilities.

Thanks to the use of modern special equipment, the efficiency of the teams' departure increases and the functional capabilities of power engineers increase, which significantly reduces the time of restoration work and ensures reliable and safe power supply to consumers.

On the days of the event, a round-the-clock duty of operational personnel at the 110 kV Kubinka power supply center and field teams of the Western Electric Networks branch of the company was organized.

The International Salon of Security Equipment "Integrated Security" is held by order of the Government of the Russian Federation. The salon has become a key Russian exhibition project at the federal level, focused on demonstrating the results of the implementation of state policy and achievements in the field of security in various spheres of life.