May 20, 2021 "Rosseti Moscow Region" took part in an International seminar on improving safety Requirements in the Electric Power Industry, held under the auspices of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision of the Russian Federation. Representatives of state supervisory agencies from five countries, the Executive Committee of the CIS Electric Power Council, and power generation and grid companies discussed current issues of organizing supervisory activities and ensuring security in the energy sector.

The seminar was held in the format of a video conference. Alica Manaka, Director of the Department for Monitoring the Activities of Branches for Technological Connection of "Rosseti Moscow Region", made a report on the key reforms of the procedure for technological connection to electric networks at the seminar.

During the event, the topics of organizing supervisory activities in the electric power industry, improving the production system of energy enterprises with the use of modern digitalization tools, ensuring the safety of personnel during work in electrical installations were discussed.

Alisa Manaka spoke about the new program for connecting to electric networks and the results of implementing changes in the process of technological connection in 2020-2021. She drew attention to the continuous improvement of the regulatory framework, the active introduction of online services in "Rosseti Moscow Region", the reduction in the number of procedures and terms of technical connection, as well as the reduction in its cost. The implemented measures allow consumers to receive the full range of services not only in a regulated time frame but also with maximum convenience, using the Internet.

Separately, Alisa Alexandrovna focused on the steady growth of the Russian Federation's position (from 184th place in 2012 to 7th in 2019) in the World Bank's Doing Business international rating in terms of "Connecting to the Power Supply System", which was achieved, among other things, thanks to the reforms implemented in the company.

The seminar participants showed great interest in the positive experience of Russian power engineers and noted the importance of further improving the safety requirements in the electric power industry.